Cardi B files divorce with husband Offset

Cardi B files divorce with husband Offset

Cardi B unexpectedly filed for divorce from her husband, rapper Offset, in court in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on September 15.

Last Tuesday, the Grammy-winner rapper Cardi B has caused a huge wave when giving the divorce files with her husband Offset to the court in Georgia, USA.


The couple previously got married secretly 3 years ago and share a 2-year-old daughter together. The little girl named Kulture.


In detail of the divorce files, Cardi B wrote that she has no intentions to solve their problems, and the husband-wife relationship of these two has been broken into small pieces that nothing could fix.

Cardi hoped that the divorce would manage subtly with the agreements between both sides. The female rapper wanted to take on the custody and asked for financial support monthly.

The WAP owner has an approximately assets of $24 million while it is $26 million for her husband.


A close source shared that Offset has cheated his wife more than one time but Cardi didn't want to get separated because of their daughter. However, she couldn't handle it anymore.

Cardi also claimed Offset's unfaithfulness back in 2018 - just 5 months after Kulture's entrance to their love life. When she wanted to break up, Offset begged her to give him another chance.

In responding to Vogue magazine at the beginning of this year, Cardi B shared that when her decisions to maintain her marriage, she received many complaints. However, she thought that when being in love with someone, accommodation is necessary.