After releasing her collab song, “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B has spilled more details about her upcoming album.

Bringing out an interesting message as well as a music video with stunning visual effects, the song rapidly gained huge attention despite the controversial opinions. Recently, Cardi B revealed has given some hints about her second album.

Cardi B shared that her album will transfer the message as the Lemonade album of Beyonce, released in 2016. Same as the singer, social equality and feminism are the two main things that Cardi wants to bring into her album.


Everything has two sides, black and white, and so does music. Cardi said that she would want other women to realize the dark side of themselves when listening to her music. It doesn’t include any negative effects but as a way to show their rights to take control of their lives.

“This album will be much different, which brings out my own “Lemonade” moments”. Cardi B referred Beyonce’s sixth album was a representative for her album. Besides feminism, the romantic relationship between the female rapper and Offset will also be the inspiration for the songs.

She also shared her thoughts towards her anti-fans – who always aim at her with negative comments like “a knife at my back”. Those are the problems that always hold her back. However, “giving up” is included in the dictionary of Cardi B and this is the right time for her to come back.