Billie Eilish is widely considered to be the voice of a new generation with an amazing singing voice and her unique music style. Her collection of winning awards must be solid proof of her talent.

But do you know which artists inspired her to start making music?


Tyler the creator

Billie has repeatedly named Tyler the creator as one of her biggest influences. She says his song “Tamale” changed everything in her life and her personal self. She loves how he isn’t afraid to be his own unique personality.


The Beatles

The young singer frequently talks about how she grew up listening to the music of The Beatles. She has stated that “She’s extremely inspired by their songwriting process.” The very first song she learned how to play on the ukulele was “I will” when she was just six years old.



Billie Eilish cites Norwegian singer Aurora as the first artist whose visuals inspired her the most when she first watched the singer’s music video.

She discovered Aurora’s video for “Runaway” accidentally when surfing on the Youtube. When she saw the video “Something clicked”, and she knew she wanted a career in the music industry.


Childish Gambino

Billie Eilish has expressed that Childish Gambino was her gateway into Hip-hop. His genre-defying work has inspired her to pursue a range of artistic endeavors. Billie has even tried her hand at writing and directing her own videos, just like him.


Avril Lavigne

The “my future” singer has said that Avril Lavigne was “everything to her” growing up time. She’s listed the song “Losing Grip” and “Complicated” as essential to her childhood.

When the two finally met, Billie posted an Instagram thanking Avril for making her who she is today.