Recently, a remix version of the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, which released in 2008 has surprisingly gone viral after it appears on Tik Tok – a worldwide social network that went popular in just a couple of years.


“Love Story” was the song that Taylor dropped in her album “Fearless”, 2008. The song based on the famous love story “Romeo & Juliet” by author William Shakespeare. With the pop-country melody and catchy lyrics, “Love Story” is one of Taylor’s greatest hits.

Thadeus Labuszewski, who is also known as Disco Lines on Tik Tok, is a 22-year-old music producer who dropped an unofficial demo of the song which has been remixed on Tik Tok and unexpectedly became famous with Tik Tok-ers.


BuzzFeed has talked to Disco Lines about the use of this remixed version with more than 1.5M views on Tik Tok. Disco shared that the whole Tik Tok thing is a big surprise for him and totally “unbelievable”.

As reported, during the years when Disco Lines was still a student in university, he had started lots of music projects under the name of the popular song. Since then, he has worked with other celebrities in producing musical products.

With the “Love Story” remix, the musician shared that he completed it since April, 2019. And now, the “Love Story” challenge goes viral on Tik Tok with millions of attendants.

Let’s hope that Disco Lines could make more great music in the future and become successful as he wants.