Pitchfork: Shawn Mendes's Wonder Made You Tremendously Bored

Pitchfork: Shawn Mendes's Wonder Made You Tremendously Bored
Source: Pitchfork-Shawn-Mendes-s-Wonder-Made-You-Tremendously-Bored

Recently, the Pitchfork page has given Shawn Mendes' fourth studio album Wonder: 5 points with a remarkably pale like a new falling in love boy.

After a while of waiting, finally "Hollywood heartthrob" Shawn Mendes also released his fourth studio album called Wonder (on December 4). Like previous productions, in the Wonder album, Shawn Mendes continues to address familiar topics such as love and life.

Pitchfork's Quinn Moreland is the one who gives the rating and score for Shawn Mendes' Wonder album. Known to be a difficult writer, this male star's album this time received an average score of 5 points.


Pitchfork dedicates the average score to this album by Shawn Mendes. Overall, this is a mid-range score, but not so great, but to achieve it requires the album to have a certain amount of weight. However, Pitchfork seems to score on one side, and another comment: the score is relatively good but frankly evaluates the album "tremendously bored"!

So, what is an album "tremendously bored"?


Let's talk about the Wonder album. All 14 songs in the album revolve around love stories (like in Teach Me How To Love, Dream or Higher), life stories (as in Wonder) and somewhere about the pressure of becoming a celebrity. (as in Monster and Call My Friends).

Although in the album, Shawn Mendes tells us about 3 stories, but it can be felt that love story is still a red thread from the beginning to the end of the album. Even Pitchfork assessed: "Through 14 songs, Shawn Mendes spends almost every minute bowing to love. It's great to see his full of emotions in each song, but emotions. That is almost unchanged, every song repeats that emotion, making the listener feel a little tired. "

It is no exaggeration to say that the Wonder album is all the dreamy and sweet love experiences of Hollywood couple Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.


Pitchfork also suggested that putting too much love affair with Camila Cabello on the album would backfire: "Mendes’ elevation of Cabello as his eternal muse is surely meant to be romantic, but it comes across as naive—and vaguely terrifying. It also reflects the biggest problem of Wonder: What’s stacked up to be the love of a lifetime feels a bit empty in presentation."

This page frankly commented: "Album comes across like your friend who just got into a relationship and won’t shut up about it: You’re happy for them and also tremendously bored."

That proves that the content and emotions Wonder brings back together the word "bland"! However, Pitchfork also appreciates Wonder's music, arguing that the only plus point in this album is the R&B music with a bit of Hip-hop and sometimes the tune of Beach Boys and Tame Impala.