Lucifer season 5 has reported breaking the record in becoming the biggest opening weekend for a TV series on Netflix, beating the thriller series The Umbrella Academy.


According to FlixPatrol and What’s On Netflix’s analysis, Lucifer reached a score of 670 points over its opening weekend. This meant the series succeeded in beating The Umbrella Academy (which had 643 points) and is now the most successful debut on Netflix for a TV series since the debut of the top 10 features (at the end of February 2020).

The fifth part of Lucifer’s journey made a TV debut and quickly rose as the top weekend binge option for Netflix users in the US, according to Forbes.

On Saturday, the first day after arriving on Netflix, the series shot to #1 on the Top 10 list. Since then, the devil-theme series has stably stayed in the peaked spot without letting any other new entries surpass. Besides Lucifer, there were also two other releases the last weekend, including The Sleepover and Rust Valley Restorers.


Lucifer tells the story about a man named Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis), the Lord of Hell, who decided to abandon his throne and retired to L.A. He met the LAPD homicide detective, Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) and ironic they team up as a perfect duo to investigate. He has to overcome the struggles between the two sides of good and evil sides and also find a way to clearance his feelings for the detective.


Premiering in 2014, the show initially ran on Fox for three seasons before it was canceled in 2018, which made the show’s fans angry and decided to call for a solution not to let the show end. A month later, Netflix resurrected Lucifer for a fourth season that debuted last May.