Stranger Things 4 will be not the ending of the famous Netflix thrilling series as planned.

This information was said by Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer, the creator-duo of the series in an interview about the exciting news about the series was nominated for Emmy. When being asked whether season 4 happens to be the ending of the show, Ross Duffer said that there will be more interesting things to be expected in the future.


“Season 4 is not over yet. We know how to end the movie and when it happens. The delay in production gave us time to look forward, to find out what was best for the show. Addressing this has given us a better idea of ​​how long it will take to complete the story that needs to be told.”

Previously, Matt Duffer said that he only wanted Stranger Things to stop at the fourth season, but Netflix may have reconsidered to extend this brand. To give the audience a better picture, Ross Duffer said he would want to make the film on a large scale, like a summer blockbuster, which meant more action will be included.


As far as the news about season 4 goes, the only thing viewers know is that David Harbor will return as Sheriff Hopper. Although he didn’t die at the end of season 3, the reason he was sent back to Russia is still unclear. The two creators said they are eager to get back on set, but only when everything is safe. Currently, both are continuing to review the scenario more carefully.


“We want this season to feel like the summer Hollywood blockbuster, something we’ve grown up with and love so much. There will be a little more humor, a little more action, and it will feel different from the previous two seasons as it will be set in more somber and frightening autumn color. “