20th Century Fox, one of the most famous names in entertainment history is officially gone according to Disney.


On Monday, Disney announced that it would rebrand one of its television studios. And unexpectedly, the 20th Century Fox Television brand is the target of Disney, the new name is now only 20th Television, so both the words “Century” and “Fox” have been cut from the name of the studio. .


The move came after Disney removed the name “Fox” from the 20th Century Fox film franchise in January. The company closed a $ 71 billion deal to buy back many of Fox’s properties last year, renaming the longtime studio 20th Century Studios.


Although the brand name has been changed, but the expression of the logo and the famous title layout remains the same, the words 20th Television will still be stacked above the spotlight. Accordingly, the new logo and graphics will appear on 20th Television’s new dramas from this fall. Older titles, aired before rebranding, will retain their original logos and titles.

20th Century Fox was formed in 1935 as an amalgamation of Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Films. The studio has produced many of the most popular and beloved movies in Hollywood history, including Star Wars, The Sound of Music, and Die Hard and Home Alone.