The Batman director revealed that Christian Bale has played the role of former Batman actor well as he had spilled in Robert Pattinson’s ears some useful advice for him to take note in the upcoming movie.


Bale famously starred in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which has been praised for both the movie’s script and the performance of Christian. Bale’s portrayal of the role has now become the standard for the new generation of fans and also actors who want to take over the iconic role.


A new trailer for “The Batman” with Robert Pattinson starring was dropped during DC FanDome, which also concentrates on the darker, noir side of this detective-style story of Gotham city’s hero. The trailer also showcased the Gotham’s hero image that Pattinson portrayed is far different from Bale’s, but the new Bruce Wayne still received some tips from The Dark Knight star.

In sharing about the advice that Bale gives to the young actor, the important tip is believed regarding being able to go to the bathroom. This seems to be the essential message to be passed down through new generations of Batman actors.


Ben Affleck, who was the first hero version in post-Dark Knight Rises, said that Bale told him to make sure the suit has a zipper because he had to go through three films without a zipper.

The Batman will hit theaters in October 2021. However, Bale won’t become Batman once again but it is still delightful to see the star actor continues to offer words of wisdom and ensure that Pattinson can comfortably “relieve” his old-self during the filming of the movie.