'Batman' Robert Pattinson: Efforts to break the 'vampire curse'

'Batman' Robert Pattinson: Efforts to break the 'vampire curse'

Robert Pattinson - Twilight star has made a breakthrough to become one of the greatest actors in Hollywood.


Known through Harry Potter, best known for his role as a vampire in the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson is a combination of a beautiful face and increasingly sharp acting skills. The UK star's recent dark film picks explore haunting psychological aspects, including the role of Batman in the upcoming The Batman.

The price to pay for the gorgeous appearance


Starting with British theater clubs at the age of 15, Pattinson's acting career changed when he was cast as Cedric Diggory in two episodes Harry Potter. However, the role is too faint compared to the main cast, even now many people are still surprised to learn that Pattinson used to film with Daniel Radcliffe. Things became more precarious for the man in his twenties, when he was eliminated at the last minute during the premiere of The Woman Before at the Royal Court Theater. Nobody thought that a young British young man with nothing special status could later become a celebrity at home, let alone become Hollywood's A-star.

It was before Twilight's reputation overshadowed Pattinson's career. Known for his role as the romantic vampire Edward Cullen, thanks to his floating hair, pale white skin and mysterious coldness, the actor captivated millions of viewers throughout the films. Now looking back on the success to Robert may seem too easy and plausible, but there was a time when 75,000 petitions were sent by fans of the original work to replace the male lead and oppose the movie. The actor himself was almost fired from the project because "too serious" does not seem to capture the sweet "cheesy" spirit of the work. Then finally the movies came to theaters, the easygoing teen audience immediately changed their minds after admiring the charming beauty of the vampire.

5 years of sticking and becoming a star thanks to the teen movie is also the time when both Pattinson and his colleague Kristen Stewart are trying their best to get rid of the stereotypes in the role. The more popular the movie, the higher the revenue, the less easy it is to break through. We're talking about a 5-part vampire series with a global gross of $ 3 billion.

"The time they (the Twilight production team) told me to take off my shirt, I thought they would tell me when to put it back on." Pattinson or Stewart, they understand the delicate line from showing off to an actor who only knows and is allowed to play mediocre scenes. From fake love movies to the beautiful "screen prince", "the sexiest vampire" and even the detractors that a teen star can't act. Pattinson is very aware of the value of an outstanding actor to overcome the disregard of the public.

"I can't really act …"


The time of Edward Cullen and Twilight was a decade ago. Robert Pattinson did not choose the loud blockbuster that he could easily get after becoming famous with Twilight. Choosing to challenge roles with depth and requiring especially sincere emotions, Pattinson stripped off his rigid vampire mask to live real. Remember Me, Cosmopolis, Water for Elephants are the first pressing attempts to get rid of the face-to-face beauty role that people attribute to him. The press and public opinion immediately compared Twilight, citing the reasons why Pattinson chose the art film line to pick viewers.

The roles in the small and medium-sized movies allow Pattinson to escape the scrutiny of the public, while humbly learning. The Childhood of a Leader or The Lost City of Z puts Pattinson back a bit so that the spotlight illuminates famous colleagues. Good Time - a crime thriller that has verified the artist's abilities. Look at the list of movies with all kinds of genres from biography, fantasy, action, comedy … enough to see about ten years after Twilight, Pattinson dared to leave everything behind to go so far.

Known for his humble personality and lack of confidence, when it comes to his British career, he still thinks that he "doesn't really act" after more than a decade of dedication.

The Lighthouse is the crystallization of Pattinson's tireless efforts to refresh. Seeing behind the calm look of an English gentleman is chaos, outbreak, a powerful energy enough to turn into thunderstorms, director Robert Eggers chose him to "company" with the characterby Willem Dafoe. The story of two signposts trapped on a lighthouse island in stormy winds, weather and extreme solitude is a great opportunity for Pattinson to transform.

He didn't disappoint Eggers. While Dafoe decided to isolate himself from the crew in preparation for the role, his young colleague tortured himself in a different way. Before the scenes, Pattinson would punch himself in the face, strangle himself, or turn dizzy, or kick his face down and drink a puddle of mud. Speaking like an actor, it was a necessary process, a wild effort to maximize creativity. Because, remember, he still think he is bad at acting.

Inherits the next Batman responsibility


Robert Pattinson got the chance to work with one of the most successful names when it comes to the Batman franchise. Christopher Nolan, who forever changed the superhero movie line thanks to the trilogy The Dark Knight "chose to send gold" Pattinson for his role in the only blockbuster hit Covid-19 theaters. Tenet brought Pattinson back to the masses as a loyal and mysterious aide to the main character, but he never took the opportunity to consult Nolan's experience with Batman. The talented director is probably one of the few that see through the character's nature, but as a contract no one said, both keep professional silence during Tenet's production.

The dark knight's cloak weighed heavily on his shoulders, because the Batman character had too many people in charge before Pattinson took it. Many of them have become legendary. The Batman trailer shows the efforts of Matt Reeves and his colleagues in bringing new breath to the superhero image.

It's hard to say anything in advance, but it certainly won't be Ben Affleck's Batman or Adam West's classic humor. The trailer shows a devastated Bruce Wayne from lack of sleep, a violent Batman, a "young person who has not experienced life", grappling with both inexperience and enthusiasm in the decadent city of Gotham. After all, the actors themselves are the deciding factor in the style of Batman they undertake.

A guy who is lazy to exercise, with English humor and a diverse acting style like Pattinson will choose an interesting direction that his predecessors have not yet exploited. What if a bad scenario happens, what if The Batman turns into a screen disaster? Robert Pattinson thought for a moment, tossing his head back and giggling: "Porn movies. But it's erotic art."