Even Hercules’s producer has been teasing about Ariana Grande for the female lead Megara in the live-action Hercules.


After remaking the old films Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, Hercules is the next project implemented by Disney. Although currently the official cast of this live-action version has not been announced, on social networks, fans have been messing with Megara’s lead role for Ariana Grande.


Immediately after The DisInsider released reports on the live-action Hercules, fans immediately made predictions about the cast and Ariana Grande topped the selection list. There are many rumors that the Mouse family is currently considering the role of the female singer in the new movie.

As for Ariana Grande, the new girl made people stir up when she performed extremely sweetly the song I Won and Say I’m In Love in the program ABC’s The Disney Family Singalong. This is the iconic song of Disney, which is portrayed by Megara character in Hercules. With her purple outfit and signature ponytail, Ariana Grande seems to have become Megara in real life.


As for the producer, fans have intentionally discovered that the Instagram accounts of director Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have clicked “like” pictures of Ariana Grande even though they have never followed her on the platform. “AGBOfilms is managed by two live-action producers Joe and Anthony Russo, who liked Ariana Grande’s photo on Instagram even though she never followed her.”

Additionally, a source close to Disney, The DisInsider, posted a video on Instagram, sharing that Ariana Grande is the top female actress targeted by the studio. Ariana Grande may be the first actress to be targeted by the Studio. Currently, many viewers are excited by this rumor: