Top 5 apps for yoga and meditation that are good for your health

Top 5 apps for yoga and meditation that are good for your health

Do you love meditation, yoga? Want your training sessions to be more advanced? Let's look at 5 healthy yoga and meditation apps below.

  1. Simple Habit

This is an app from the developer Simple Habit, Inc. It's also the top health and sleep app recommended by experts.

The Simple Habit app includes 50 free meditation sessions and a library of over 1000 meaningful situations on a variety of topics. Lessons and instructions will be guided by experienced teachers and experts, thereby helping you to reduce stress and fatigue in life.

  1. SleepA

SleepA is an app that provides great music and sounds for your life. The app released by Moli Studio promises to bring music on a variety of topics to help you relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and relax.

If you are a lover of meditation and yoga, you cannot ignore SleepA, which provides you with quality, suitable sounds for you to improve the quality of your practice sessions.

Try SleepA now, you can also consult advice and suggestions from leading experts and coaches on meditation and yoga.


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  1. The Mindfulness

Beginners to meditation as well as the experienced will find plenty of options with the Mindfulness App. Five-day guided practices and an introduction to mindfulness help you get started easily.

Then, guided meditations or 3–30 minutes of silence will fit into your busy lifestyle. The app also offers personalized meditation options, tips to keep you mentally refreshed and alert throughout the day. At the same time, Mindfulness also provides statistics to help you keep track of your meditation diary.

Link to download The Mindfulness for Android

Link to download The Mindfulness for iOS

  1. Waking Up

Sam Harris is a New York Times bestselling author who has written on a variety of topics related to mind, body, and spirituality.

Now, he's engaged in meditation with a huge collection of science-backed meditation courses and other resources that can help you master mindfulness, including integration into his health apps. friends and additional educational tools on philosophy, selfishness, and free will.

You can download the Waking Up apps developed by Sam Harris by following the 2 links below.

Waking Up download link for Android

Waking Up download link for iOS

  1. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga integrates more than 100 yoga and meditation classes with diverse programs for practitioners of all levels. The app includes a library of more than 500 poses with detailed instructions, along with medical data, class schedules, special class designs with an online coach, meditation music and detailed workout plans for various goals such as weight loss, strength gain, increased flexibility, relaxation, balance, body detoxification, meditation...

Daily Yoga download link for Android

Daily Yoga download link for iOS

SleepA App is a mental health app with music and exercises to help you from meditating and improving sleep to reducing stress and increasing focus.

With SleepA App, you can now reduce stress, improve sleep quality and increase focus – all from the comfort of your own bedroom. This app offers a range of ASMR-like, ambient music, and calming nature sounds that help users become more mindful through daily sessions and regular practice.

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