Best relaxing apps on Android to help relieve stress

Best relaxing apps on Android to help relieve stress

In everyday life, it is inevitable that you feel tired and stressed. If you are experiencing this state, try out the 5 apps below available on Android to relax.

  1. SleepA

SleepA is an app that provides great music and sounds for your life. The app released by Moli Studio brings you music in a variety of topics to help you relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and relax.

Những ứng dụng (app) thư giãn tuyệt vời trên Android giúp đánh bay căng thẳng năm 2022

If you are a lover of meditation and yoga, you also cannot ignore SleepA, which provides you with quality sounds, suitable for you to improve the quality of training sessions.

By using SleepA, you can also refer to advise and suggestions from leading experts and coaches on meditation and yoga.


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  1. Calm

One study, conducted by researchers from Arizona State University, the University of Redlands, and the Center for Behavior Analysis and Research, included a total of 88 participants — all college students. They have found that Calm is an effective way to meditate, aiming to reduce stress and improve mindfulness.

The app creates a personalized action plan for you, based on insights into your current mood and goals. Calm strives to create a pleasant atmosphere so that you can relax your mind through audio and visual cues.

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  1. MoodMission

This is an app created to help people monitor their mood, and fight feelings of anxiety or depression.

Những ứng dụng (app) thư giãn tuyệt vời trên Android giúp đánh bay căng thẳng năm 2022

By joining MoodMission, you'll experience a survey to gauge how you feel. From this survey, the app will learn and study more deeply about your state of mind. Thereby, MoodMission will suggest suitable activities to improve your health and spirit.

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  1. Headspace

When you're tired or stressed, open the Headspace app for instructions on how to meditate, here are ways you can manage anxiety, breathing, concentration, and calm.

After downloading the app, you just need to register an account with an email or log in with a Facebook account, then select the course you want to watch and click listen.

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  1. BetterSleep

BetterSleep will bring you more than 30 soothing tunes to help you relax and fall asleep if you are having trouble falling asleep. In addition, you can also listen to instructions for you on how to meditate with melodious music combined.

Những ứng dụng (app) thư giãn tuyệt vời trên Android giúp đánh bay căng thẳng năm 2022

After downloading, you just need to select the category you want to listen to as relaxing sounds or meditation, you will immediately enjoy the corresponding types of melodies you have chosen.

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SleepA App is a mental health app with music and exercises to help you from meditating and improving sleep to reducing stress and increasing focus.

With SleepA App, you can now reduce stress, improve sleep quality and increase focus – all from the comfort of your own bedroom. This app offers a range of ASMR-like, ambient music, and calming nature sounds that help users become more mindful through daily sessions and regular practice.

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