When G-Dragon and Kai Wear The Same Hairstyle, Who Looks Better?

When G-Dragon and Kai Wear The Same Hairstyle, Who Looks Better?

KAI (EXO)'s new image in the MV teaser "Mmmh" is somewhat similar to G-Dragon's image in 2013.

Being active with EXO and SuperM, KAI has not forgotten his solo projects. Recently, the male idol released "Mmmh" music video teaser, causing fans to "standstill". In just 19 short seconds, KAI revealed many different shapes. Among them, a look of him similar to G-Dragon in 2013 caught attention.

In addition to being a member of the EXO group, KAI is also known as Gucci human. He has strengths in appearance, fashion style as well as shaping his own image. In the "Mmmh" teaser, KAI surprised fans with his hair pressed close to his head, dyed blue and pink makeup. This image of KAI exudes an irresistibly sexy look.

The guy was praised for bringing out a sense of genderless beauty. This bold innovation of the KAI "dance machine" created a positive response to the public.

KAI's new style is not the first time appearing in K-pop. In 2013, G-Dragon was the cover photo of Vogue magazine. He also has a similarly straight pressed hairstyle with a striking golden color.

Despite the same hairstyle, G-Dragon and KAI bring completely different feelings. With G-Dragon, he still shows a genderless beauty but somewhat stronger and more powerful. As for KAI, the male dancer is inclined to a gentle, mesmerizing spirit.

Rarely male idols can pursue unique looks like G-Dragon and KAI. Both have affirmed their positions in the fashion industry.

Facts you may not know: Both G-DRAGON and Kai are famous brand's ambassadors

Besides their success in the music industry, G-Dragon and KAI also stand out in fashion. G-Dragon is the house ambassador of Chanel while KAI is Gucci's ambassador. G-Dragon is continuously invited to Chanel fashion events with a seat on the first row. Recently, he was also promoted by the French fashion house on the cover of Vogue magazine. KAI is also the first K-pop idol to be promoted by Gucci globally. His image with Gucci outfit was widely released, increasing the popularity of both sides.