'Pity' Fashion Couple Kai-Jennie: Chanel Girl + Gucci Boy With Even No Public Photos

'Pity' Fashion Couple Kai-Jennie: Chanel Girl + Gucci Boy With Even No Public Photos

Gucci and Chanel couple - Kai and Jennie was a pity...

Dress and temperament are all very well matched, just the series of idle photos of fans are enough to make fans regret this couple Chanel x Gucci.

For fashion enthusiasts and especially those interested in Kbiz entertainment, the Kai - Jennie couple must be the most regrettable couple. Both are famous, their talents have a rare aura. When being revealed by Dispatch, the love story of the talented and talented couple surprised many people.


Kai is the ambassador of Gucci, often appearing on the front row of the company's shows. In addition to a handsome face, Kai also owns a standard body like a model and unique fashion sense. Just wearing simple clothes, the male idol is enough to turn an airport into a runway. Kai was also the only male idol to wear the top stars in 2020, surpassing Prince Harry. His image is hung at many different stores around the globe, even called "Human Gucci" by fans.


As for Jennie, with her luxurious aura in her infancy, plus a standard body in millimeters, she has been likened to many people as "the Saint of Chanel". Any outfit that Jennie wears is a lot more luxurious and attractive; Many items were bought by the people competing to sell out. Not long ago, Jennie set a record as the only female star on the cover of "full" 6 famous fashion magazines in Korea.


This couple has enough talent, but unfortunately, they have not released a set of photos together, they quickly broke up. Kai - global ambassador of Gucci, Jennie - "Human Chanel". If only they had a magazine photo set, this Gucci x Chanel combination would make people crazy, that issue would quickly sell out in just one second.


Unfortunately for Kai - Jennie's love, people only know how to sit and stitch photos of two people together. Looking at this series of photo collages, but still have a great temperament, the charismatic world invites more and more regret for the combination that promises "explosive temperament" of this couple.