K-Biz Secrets With Chatroom Of Female Idols Speaking Ill of BLACKPINK and BTS Jimin's Dating Rumor

K-Biz Secrets With Chatroom Of Female Idols Speaking Ill of BLACKPINK and BTS Jimin's Dating Rumor

A series of Kbiz rumors in recent times related to top stars such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Lee Kwang Soo… have received a lot of attention from fans.

The public is always curious to know about the lives of Hallyu stars behind the camera. Fans often pay much attention to the real personality, love life, relationship with colleagues … of the artists they love and admire. In addition to the confirmed information, the audience also paid special attention to rumors appearing on social networks from a series of characters with connections to the entertainment world. Rumors about Kbiz that have attracted a lot of attention in the past 1 month will appear in the Whisper section of Showbiz this week.

Revealing about the BLACKPINK chat group

Recently, an account specializing in posting Kbiz rumors has provided information about the chat group specializing in defaming BLACKPINK members, especially Lisa. This information has not been verified yet, but it is still enough to make the YG group’s fan community stirring.

Specifically, the source revealed that this is the chatroom of female idols from small groups, not many names. These girls are close friends, often talk badly about BLACKPINK. Notably, Lisa is the member that they attacked the most. They used many difficult words to talk about BLACKPINK’s youngest brother. These female idols call Lisa “snob”, “disgusting”. Not only that, they also think that the beauty born in 1997 is being overestimated and she is famous because of her appearance that easily attracts Western fans.

Momo (TWICE) – Heechul (Super Junior) broke up?

Momo – Heechul publicly dated earlier this year. The couple caused a stir because of the large age gap (13 years old) between the two artists. Regardless of age, they are really well-proportioned in terms of reputation and wealth. Therefore, a large number of fans support this relationship.

However, recently there have been rumors that Heechul – Momo has broken up. According to the source, the couple has just “their way”. Although they are no longer together, they have not publicly broken up because they still want to use the love news to support their own career. According to this rumor, Heechul – Momo may publicly break up next year.

The worst member in aespa

The rookie group aespa who debuted not long ago has continuously made the Kpop fan community stir up. Among the 4 members, Karina is probably the name that received the most attention due to the controversy before the debut. She got into rumors that said bad things about a series of cult seniors like BTS, EXO

For a part of netizens, Karina suddenly became the worst girl in the rookie group of SM. However, an account specializing in posting Kbiz rumors said that Giselle was the member with the worst personality in aespa. The source added, Giselle has “princess disease”, often scolding staff. In fact, this rumor has not been confirmed and it must be added that it is too early to evaluate the true personality of the 4 SM rookie girls.

Popular idols were denied when they “let go of hearing”

Besides personality, idol relationships also make the public extremely curious. Recently, a rumor appeared on the internet that a cult idol belonging to Big 3 failed miserably when going into “trouble”. Specifically, this male singer falls in love with a female idol commonly known as a girl-crush image. He believes that the girl is “fragile and fragile” and her strong figure is often built by the company, but not the real person of the singer.

But the male singer was wrong! During a time when she asked the “goddess of the dreams” to go out with her, the famous male idol was rejected by her. It turned out that she really has a strong personality like the image often seen in the MV, on stage. Currently, the identity of this unlucky young man is being sought by people.

Lee Kwang Soo will get married in 2021

At the end of 2018, Lee Kwang Soo publicly dated Lee Sun Bin. The two stars received enthusiastic support from the public. If the couple decides to go to the same house, then their wedding will surely receive blessings from all over Asia.

Not long ago, rumors surfaced online that Lee Kwang Soo – Lee Sun Bin would get married next year. The source added that the couple had bought a house and were ready to prepare for married life.

Revealing about Jimin's hot girlfriend (BTS)

Since their popularity until now, BTS members have been entangled in a series of dating rumors, but no information has been confirmed yet. Recently, Jimin appeared again in a love rumor. The source revealed the lover of the handsome BTS is an extremely sexy girl. They have perfect complementary traits, creating a beautiful love story. Although this account uses the word “winged” to describe Jimin’s relationship, fans still think that this is really just a rumor.

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