EXO Suho And BLACKPINK Lisa As Being Bvlgari Ambassadors - Both Are Awesome!!

EXO Suho And BLACKPINK Lisa As Being Bvlgari Ambassadors - Both Are Awesome!!

Take a look at the Fashion style of BVLGARI's ambassadors - EXO Suho and BLACKPINK Lisa.

The EXO boy is still the undisputed king of K-pop. Although their style is always united and eye-catching, each of the nine-team members has developed their own unique talents. For example, Kai prefers low-key and chic aesthetics, while Chanyeol is the hottest new streetwear. But what about a member who has become a fashion star? It's Suho.

The 27-year-old singer stood out from his backpack and attended the Bvlgari event alone in Rome, Italy. For his appearance, he wore a refreshing blush pink suit jacket with neutral black buttons and a Paisley print turban scarf, loosely tied around his neck. He wears black pants with subtle decorations and sleek ankle boots. In his hands? A series of smooth silver rings in the Bulgari B.zero1 series add a stylish touch to his distinctive appearance.

This is not the first time Suho has mastered more exotic tailoring techniques. Even in his classic outfits, he often uses eccentric details. Earlier, he wore a Prada suit jacket with a lime green Miu Miu shirt-wrinkles on the front! -Underneath it is a Prada turtleneck. Back in December, he also showed another layering, wearing lavender buttons with leopard prints hidden underneath. Even at his more casual moments, there are some changes: for example, in this sweatshirt atmosphere on the beach, he raised his clothes with a pink bucket hat.

The takeaway? It’s clear Suho has a penchant for creating interesting menswear looks, ones that are risk-taking while remaining completely wearable at the same time—not an easy feat to pull off.

About Lisa, she is said to be the new face of the luxury brand, BVLGARI. Previously, the first time we knew this news was on July 24, 2020. And on August 20, 2020, KST, BVLGARI released a video featuring Lisa in the digital body campaign. Recognize her as the new brand ambassador. BVLGARI is an Italian luxury brand known for its glamorous gemstone jewelry, luxury watches, perfumes and leather.

BVLGARI said that the singer's "bold and exclusive performance" and her "modern and trendy image as a fashion icon" match the brand identity.

This is an expected collaboration as we were hinted at through Lisa's photoshoot with Harper's Magazine BAZAAR Thailand for the May 2019 issue when she got dressed up in the B collection. BVLGARI's zero1, in which she plays a design role alongside the Serpenti collection. Lisa also attended the launch of the BVLGARI Serpenti Seduttori Watch collection on October 29, 2019, KST in Seoul looked stylish in a blue striped dress off the shoulder.

In the campaign video, Lisa returns with jet black hair combined with a short bob to create a mature and strong atmosphere in her. She wears two different monochrome outfits in the video, one of which is an elegant white pleated maxi dress and another sexy black silk midi dress with a cut down the legs. The look is complemented with BVLGARI accessories from elegant earrings to necklaces and wristwatches that showcase the brand's signature “Serpenti” and “B.zero1” collections while accentuating its charm. Her stylish charm.

It is speculated that Lisa is not part of one but two digital campaigns of BVLGARI. For more information, we have to wait and see what else this collaboration between Blackpink's Lisa and BVLGARI gives us, as Lisa's exquisite jewelry and natural beauty make for a rather graceful combination.