Netflix Drama 'Sweet Home' Unveils New Poster With Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young

Netflix Drama 'Sweet Home' Unveils New Poster With Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young

Netflix has unveiled the main poster for its original series 'Sweet Home' with extreme tension featuring Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook and Lee Si Young.

Netflix's original series 'Sweet Home' (written by Hong So Ri, Kim Hyung Min, Park So Jung, directed by Lee Eung Bok), which tells the bizarre and shocking story of a reclusive loner who lost his family and moved to an apartment, has revealed its main poster that captures the tension of the residents in the face of a head-to-head showdown with the monster.

The released poster shows strong colors and a chilling atmosphere, as if to warn them of danger. Amid a terrible disaster that make people turn into monsters the moment they are eroded by desires, the residents of 'Green Home' isolate themselves from the outside world where the monster runs wild. 'Green Home', an old but cozy building, has become a dangerous place cut off from the world with the risk of someone turning into a monster at any time.

In the building, the reclusive loner Hyunsoo (played by Song Kang), mysterious man Sangwook (played by Lee Jin Wook) and former firefighter Yi Kyeong (played by Lee Si Young), leadership-strong student Eunhyuk (played by Lee Do Hyun) and his younger sister Eunyoo (played by Go Min Si), Korean language teacher Jaehyun (played by Kim Nam Hee), Jisoo (played by Park Kyu Young) who dreams of becoming a musician, and residents of different personalities join hands to survive. Those have risked their lives preparing for an all-out war against monsters will invite viewers to a bizarre world full of thrills and dangers. Armed with breathtaking developments, intense visuals and mind-blowing action, the original Netflix series 'Sweet Home' will only be available on Netflix starting December 18.