Kim Soo Hyun Offered Lead Role In Netflix Original Series 'Finger'

Kim Soo Hyun Offered Lead Role In Netflix Original Series 'Finger'

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is reviewing an offer to star in Netflix's 'Finger' after successfully finishing tvN's drama 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay'.

Will Kim Soo Hyun choose Netflix's original series 'Finger' as his next film?

Recently, multiple entertainment officials shared that Kim Soo Hyun will star in director Jung Ji Woo's first Netflix original series 'Finger'. However, in a related development, his agency Gold Medalist took a cautious attitude and answered on November 6 that "'Finger' is one of the works that Kim Soo Hyun is considering participating in."

'Finger' is called the Korean version of 'American Psycho', a story about a who is also a famous architectural interior designer. It will be the first drama to be directed by Jung Ji Woo, who helmed films such as 'Eungyo' and 'Tune in for Love'. Kim Soo Hyun has been offered to play the main character - a multi-personality sociopath filled with wounds and deficiency in the film.

Kim Soo Hyun received much love for his role as Moon Kang Tae in the tvN's drama 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay' which ended in August after his discharge. The industry's interest in Kim Soo Hyun, a name that guarantee successful works, is higher than ever. Having received many love calls from the movie industry as well as dramas, he is expected to receive a lot of attention on whether he will say yes to the proposal and star in 'Finger'.

Meanwhile, after finishing casting of main and supporting roles, 'Finger' will be released globally through Crank-in and Netflix next spring.