SBS New Drama 'Joseon Exorcist' May Be Cancelled Due To Backlash From Viewers

SBS New Drama 'Joseon Exorcist' May Be Cancelled Due To Backlash From Viewers

It seems that the drama was a waste of time for the cast as well as the production team, since it was embroiled in controversies over history distortion.

An official from a drama bureau revealed on the afternoon of March 25 that, "SBS will cancel its Monday-Tuesday drama 'Joseon Exorcist'."

"After the second episode, we will no longer see it," he added. "Producer Shin Kyung-soo is currently contacting the actors to notify them of the cancellation."

'Joseon Exorcist' became controversial from its 1st episode, as it disparaged Korean greats abd was flooded with Chinese style. In the first episode, King Taejong was described as a king that massacred the people due to hallucinations and hearings, and Chungnyeong was a figure who served as a mere Western priest. In the 2nd episode, there was a line that seemed to disparage General Choi Young.

This aftermath led to advertising companies withdrawing from the drama. Most of the sales of the broadcasting station are advertising revenue. Ssangbangwool, Tamna Fish Market, and Ho Kwan Won, who are the investors, announced their suspension. About 20 companies, including Geumseong Bed, Black Yak, Cuckoo, Samsung, Banolimpiza Shop, Ace Bed, Bodyfriend, Hite Jinro, CJ CheilJedang, LG Household Health, Kojima, KT, and Dongkuk Pharmaceutical, have announced that they will not advertise in the drama.

Controversy continued over its distortion of history and Chinese-style overflow. Actor Jang Dong Yoon was seen meeting with an exorcist who was sent from the Vatican to reveal the identity of a strange evil spirit. The buildings, food, and table shapes were all Chinese. The bottle on the table said "Ju" in red, and it was filled with mooncakes and Chinese dumplings, including a dish eaten with duck eggs, which had never been seen in Korean historical dramas before.

The production team announced that the drama would be off next week, but it was reported that the drama eventually ran out of advertisements and was impossible to broadcast as long as the public turned their backs, so it ended with cancellation.