The main characters of MBC‘s once hugely popular drama ‘Coffee Prince’ are set to meet again on screen.


According to News1 on August 21, MBC is preparing a documentary project to reunite the main characters of ‘Coffee Prince’, which aired in 2007. MBC also confirmed the news and the documentary is reported to be in the form of an interview that points out the meaning of youth.

‘Coffee Prince’ is an 18-episode mini-series aired on MBC in 2007. In the drama, Ko Eun Chan (played by Yoon Eun Hye) disguised as a man and work at the cafe ‘Coffee Prince’. She met Choi Han Kyul (played by Gong Yoo), the owner of the cafe. The two heal each other’s wounds and start a love story. Not only the main characters, but the young characters who make up the ‘Coffee Prince’ were also loved by viewers all over the country. The series gained a rating of 27.8 percent (based on Nielsen Korea) and a large fandom.


Through the drama, all the cast members rose to stardom. Gong Yoo, who led the play, became the favorite choice of many hit dramas and movies. Yoon Eun Hye also successfully moved from being a singer to an actress, receiving favorable reviews for her attempt to act as a man. Lee Sun Kyun, Chae Jung An, and attractive clerks Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook, who filled the ‘Coffee Prince’, was also reborn as young stars.

The drama, which tells a story of love in the summer, has long been loved by drama fans as it is considered a classic drama that comes to mind every summer. As the drama has been talked about steadily despite the passage of time, public interest in the project is expected to be great.

The documentary is rumored to air some time in September.