7 Korean Dramas To Recharge Your Youth: Do Not Miss Park Bo Gum's 'Record Of Youth'

7 Korean Dramas To Recharge Your Youth: Do Not Miss Park Bo Gum's 'Record Of Youth'

Korea has long been famous for its titles that exploit the lives and thoughts of young people amid the harsh turmoil of modern society, thereby conveying many positive messages. Many works exploiting this topic possess both quality content, profound messages and attractive acting, typically like the 7 Korean youth dramas below.

1. Record Of Youth - Young people break through barriers and prejudices to succeed

Just airing the first episodes, Record of Youth was interested in many viewers thanks to its youthful content and family affection. The film brings the story of young people working in the fashion industry, centered on two models who want to change their acting, Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) and Hae Hyo (Byun Woo Seok) and the page specialist. points Jung Ha (Park So Dam). One is artistically forbidden by the family, one suffocated by her mother, one independent and lonely, the film follows them on a journey to face and deal with prejudice, injustice, abuses like friendship, friendship, love to be a better version of ourselves.

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2. Itaewon Class - The story comes up from inspirational of the youngers

In recent years, "start-up" has become a hot keyword in the world. Catching the trend, Itaewon Class brings the successful journey of Park Sae Ro Yi (Park Seo Joon) from an expelled male student and a criminal record to the owner of a busy Itaewon business. Separated from the usual youth movies, Itaewon Class brings many profound social messages through the possession of female lead Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) with anti-social personality disorder, a transgender character, and black people. With the transmission of many business ethics, the message of solidarity, and appreciation of the flexibility and creativity of the young generation, although the script is a bit weak in the end, Itaewon Class still deserves to be in the inspirational films. Most worth watching.


3. Fight For My Way - Life is buried, aspirations, dreams will still help you shine

Both humorous and touching, dramatic, and inspirational, it is Fight for My Way of the duo Park Seo Joon - Kim Ji Won. Seo Joon plays a former taekwondo player due to an incident that had to retire from his career and now finds his way back as a fighter and Kim Ji Won plays the male lead's 20-year best friend, a receptionist each year they take part in the radio presenter exams. Two people from friendship to love, supporting, and encouraging each other to realize the dream despite being battered by life. The film's story is highly appreciated thanks to the honesty and charming humor of the cast, which successfully brought the audience a very emotional story about youth aspirations.


4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - Youth with love and enduring efforts

If having to name a sweet movie in the Korean youth drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo deserves the first mention. The film tells about the training life and "love story" of the trainees at a sports university, centered on the powerful weightlifting girl Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) and the fisherman Jung Joon Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk). Possessing a gentle but equally attractive plot, the film captures the hearts of a large number of young audiences because it portrays the cuteness of love and the persistent spirit of young players, at the same time the value of women in sport.


5. Age Of Youth - All kinds of young people's worries

Centered by 5 cheerful and optimistic young girls with different personalities and concepts, Age of Youth takes audiences into the complex and exciting world of the "sister society". Financial worries, emotional problems, social relations, gender stereotypes, how to "survive" in a chaotic society, Age of Youth exploits it all under the lens of reality and still, Optimism has successfully added positive energy to many viewers, ensuring a fresh and refreshing breeze of freshness into your movie list.


6. Misaeng - Bitter youth, where people strive to grow

Among many Korean films exploiting the journey of coping with the lives of young people, Misaeng can be considered as the most serious and realistic film, to the point that at the time of broadcast it created "Misaeng mania syndrome" in the office world. Following the process of young employees struggling with office life, Misaeng recreates life full of sweet and sour bitterness. Each character in the movie and the way they manage to make the viewer permeate with life, the adult journey, and people's struggles to survive and work happily.


7. Dream High - Young people's persistent efforts to succeed

Nearly a decade ago, Dream High drove young audiences crazy with the story of a group of students practicing hard with a burning dream of standing on the stage. The hard days in the gym, the self-esteem gradually removed, the valuable lessons about being human and cooperation, the lovely school relationships that make everyone flutter, Dream High with all that. It has become one of the walls of the idol drama series, attracting and encouraging many young audiences, and at the same time giving wings to the cast's dreams - many now become the village's top stars. Korean entertainment.