Boy group TREASURE has been having more and more subscribers on their YouTube channel, and the view count of their music video ‘BOY’ is rapidly increasing as well.


According to YG Entertainment, the number of subscribers to TREASURE’s official YouTube channel has reached 2 million as of August 29. In less than a month since their debut, they have gathered about 700,000 new subscribers. The music video for the group’s title track ‘BOY’ also surpassed 30 million views on August 26, 19 days after it was released on YouTube.

Considering that it has only been less than a month since the release of TREASURE’s first single album ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’, these achievements are formidable.

TREASURE is a rookie group introduced by YG about four years after BLACKPINK and has made their mark as a large group targeting the global music market. The boys’ ‘DEBUT COUNTDOWN LIVE’ broadcast has garnered more than 3 million viewers and more than 1 billion hearts on Naver V LIVE.

The title track ‘BOY’ topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 19 countries, reached No. 1 on Japan’s largest music site, Line Music Daily Chart, and No. 1 on China’s QQ Music. It also sold more than 200,000 albums, deserving its place as the most anticipated K-Pop group to debut this year.

TREASURE, who are currently preparing for their comeback by filming a music video, will meet fans through their first ‘LieV Live’ on Naver V LIVE app at 10 PM KST on August 31.