YG Entertainment’s big rookie, TREASURE, has begun shooting the music video for their second song. It is expected that the boys, who started their global popularity as soon as they debuted, will stage a fierce battle.


TREASURE posted a video on their official Instagram on August 27 showing the back of the 12 members heading toward the stage. Although the color reversal effect makes it hard to see the details, the dynamic shading and lighting and the strong footsteps in the video raised fans’ expectations.

According to YG Entertainment, TREASURE is currently in the middle of filming the music video. Considering that filming the music video often is the artist’s last schedule before releasing a product, their comeback is likely to be sometime in September.

“TREASURE’s debut project, which is to release new songs consecutively and be active by the end of this year, is proceeding systematically and smoothly,” YG said. “Treasure’s second new song is more powerful than its debut song ‘BOY’.”

TRESURE is a rookie introduced by YG about four years after BLACKPINK and has been planned as a large group targeting the global market. The 12 members debuted on August 7 with their first single album ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’.