According to YG Entertainment on August 12, pre-orders for TREASURE‘s first single album ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’ have surpassed 200,000 copies as of 11 AM on the same day.


With one day left before the official release of the physical album (August 13), the number is expected to increase even more as mass pre-orders are coming from Japan, China, as well as South Korea.

If this trend continues, TREASURE is certain to be the biggest rookie YG artist in history. In addition, they boys are expected to be the most prominent among K-Pop rookies in 2020.


A YG official said, “We are currently producing 250,000 copies because additional orders for TREASURE’s ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’ are being made,” adding, “After their debut, the group has received good response from Japan.”

TREASURE’s album reached more than 100,000 pre-orders in just two days and 150,000 in four days, signaling an unusual surge in popularity.

As the idol group’s full-fledged activities began with the release of their title song ‘BOY‘ on August 7, interest in Japanese members (Yoshi, Mashiho, Asahi, and Haruto) seems to have positively affected the pre-order volume of the album in Japan.