OUIBOYS including former X1 member Kim Yo Han, former JBJ member Kim Dong Han, former Rainz member Jang Dae Hyun, former 1THE9 members Yoo Yong Ha and Kim Jun Seo, and former ‘Produce X 101‘ contestant Kang Seok Hwa are ready to debut in a new 6-member boy group, very soon!

Kim Yo Han
Kim Dong Han
Jang Dae Hyun
Yoo Yong Ha
Kim Yun Seo
Kim Seok Hwa

Currently known by fans as the OUIBOYS, these former project group members of OUI Entertainment will finally be coming together under a permanent group of their own. Ahead of their full debut announcement, the ‘OUI Boys’ have recently released a performance preview to introduce some of their members and talents, which you can check out below.

Are you excited to see these boys debuting in a permanent group together soon?