ATEEZ Yeosang, WEi Yohan, Weeekly Jihan Confirmed As New Hosts For SBS MTV 'THE SHOW'

ATEEZ Yeosang, WEi Yohan, Weeekly Jihan Confirmed As New Hosts For SBS MTV 'THE SHOW'

Yeosang of ATEEZ , Kim Yohan of WEi, and Jihan Weeekly have been selected as the new MC trio of SBS MTV's music broadcast 'The Show'.

On March 2, the new MCs for SBS MTV's 'The Show' will work together for the first time. The new trio are Yeosang, the visual center of boy group ATEEZ, which boasts powerful global fandom, Kim Yohan, the all-round center of boy group WEi with talents such as acting, singing and CF, and Jihan of girl group Weeekly, who showed her presence as a super rookie last year.

The production team of 'The Show' said, "The names of Kim Yohan, Yeosang, and Jihan are combined into 'Yo Sang Han', which means 'Uncomon' in Korean. Please look forward to this unique combination of MCs." It is also expected that the visual chemistry of the three MCs, who are considered innocent puppies, will be loved by fans.

As soon as 'The Show' began in 2021, it chose the three stars to appeal to K-Pop fans around the world, as it is a global music broadcast in 86 regions around the world through network expansion that includes MTV Asia and Japan's TBS channels.

As 'The Show', which has discovered numerous rookie idol stars such as Hyeri of Girl's Day, Kim Woo- Seok, Yerin of GFRIEND, Jeno of NCT DREAM, and most recently THE BOYZ Juyeon, EVERGLOW Sihyeon and Kim Min Kyu, the new trio are expected to show great performances and cheer for global fandom.

The first broadcast to be hosted by ATEEZ Yeosang, WEi Kim Yohan and Weeekly Jihan, will air simultaneously on SBS MTV, SBS FiL and MTV Asia channels at 6 PM KST on March 2.