WEi Kim Yo Han To Play Male Lead In KBS 'School 2021', Broadcast In First Half Of Next Year

WEi Kim Yo Han To Play Male Lead In KBS  'School 2021', Broadcast In First Half Of Next Year

KBS2's upcoming drama 'School 2021', starring singer and actor Kim Yo Han from boy group WEi, has confirmed its plan to air in 2021.


A KBS official said on November 9 that "'School 2021', starring Kim Yo Han, will be produced with the aim of broadcasting in the first half of next year."

School 2021 said that unlike "School 2020" based on "Oh My Men," "School 2021" will be produced in pure creation without the original. There will also be a change in the character," he added.

'School 2021' was originally scheduled to air in the second half of this year under the title 'School 2020', but the program was postponed until next year as the script was revised to make it more perfect.


Kim Yo Han will play Kim Tae Jin in 'School 2021. Kim Tae Jin was a taekwondo player who won a bronze medal at the National Sports Festival as a junior representative, but he quit sports and went to a specialized high school with a fatal ankle injury, just when his father's business collapsed.

'School 2021' will be the newest part of the KBS youth drama series that first started with 'School 1' in 1999. A total of seven films were produced in the series, including the latest one 'School 2017' released in 2017. Actors such as Jang Hyuk, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo, Kim Rae Won, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Woo Bin, and Nam Joo Hyuk all played in the series and became huge stars. That's why the film series is nicknamed the "Star Academy".