Lisa Appears In Middle-school Students' Textbook in China: Why Everyone Loves Her? (P2)

Lisa Appears In Middle-school Students' Textbook in China: Why Everyone Loves Her? (P2)

Following the last part where we take a look at how Lisa made her public move in China and then becomes such a symbol f...

Following the last part where we take a look at how Lisa made her public move in China and then becomes such a symbol for the young generation. Let's move on with the second part where we get on the time machine from Lisa's trainee days to the present when she is part of one of the biggest girl groups in the world - BLACKPINK.


In 2011, 14-year-old Lisa came from Thailand to Korea on her own to start a rough journey to become a YG trainee. From "someone in the crowd" to become "the ones who amazed the crowd", this is all the result of a serious and strict path.

Lisa once shared that she is not the confident type of person, and she knew she wasn't born gifted. However, at the beginning, she knew that dancing is an act of the body.

When you practice hard enough, you could enhance an expected giant power within that even help you to spread it throughout the performance and directly affect to one's energy. So, Lisa didn't only study and learn, she also pushed herself to discover and understand in detail. She kept practicing and concentrating on her strong points - which was dancing that she wanted to be the superior ace in this aspect and someday, she would become what she had always dreamed of.


So, she practiced for almost 15 hours daily instead of 12 hours like others, from dusk till dawn. With her passion and determination to be on stage, the little girl kept on focusing on her goal, and finally, when everything fell on the right path, Lisa became the main dancer with the unavoidable charm of BLACKPINK - the one that no one could pass her.

The "10.000 hours" theory is never wrong because since she was just a young girl, Lisa had always been the most hard-working bee in the hive. Therefore she has lots of strength, great muscle and stamina.

When Lisa is on stage, she dances and sings at the highest level of energy and rhythm with such a natural charisma from her own body, as well as her explosive confidence. Lisa is just so phenomenal! She also has an angel-like face that could steal anyone's heart with just one wink, or a smile. Her double-attractive makes her become a sweet and alluring woman at the same time. She really did a great job with making people fall in love with her.


More than that, BLACKPINK Lisa had overcome more than just one hard time when being the only foreign member in the group. Facing a new environment where her first language was not appreciated, it was a force for the main this girl to speak Korean all the time, whether she was fluent or not. After 5 years when BLACKPINK debuted, Lisa officially became the first non-Korean idol under YG Entertainment.

From 14 to 23 years old, with her high-awareness of herself and unstoppable hard-work, Lisa has finally completed her dream and becomes a beautiful living doll in people's hearts. From "one in the crowd" to "a gorgeous swan in the lake", now she could proudly step on the stage like a real star world.


It is said that idols exist in a place that I want to be at. They're someone that I want to be beside one day, the guiding star to a life that I'm aiming at, the inspiration for me to become the better person. Though there will be no second case like Lisa, we could learn how to be confident like her and always remember that: On the road to reach perfection, we have to maintain our determination and consistency and be disciplined for our goal. That's the only way to become a better version of ourselves.

1. No one could be an admirable star just after one day, they all had to overcome many obstacles to be successful.

2. If you're a fan of someone, learn how to live meaningfully, for them.

3. All of the "rising" idols, they all carry unpleasant things on their shoulders.