BTS continues to gear up for their comeback with their upcoming English single ‘Dynamite‘ as they reveal the official MV teaser.

Just on August 19th at midnight KST, Big Hit Entertainment uploaded the MV teaser for ‘Dynamite’. The teaser starts with the usual Big Hit introduction, then popular idol group members appear as they stnaand together. As each member walks out of the frame, member Jimin shows off his charms as he starts off the tune.


The song teaser that was released is of a retro-disco pop. By end of the short teaser, all the BTS members dance in front of a large sign that says “Disco“.


This long-awaited BTS single will be released on August 21st at 1 PM KST/midnight EST.

Follow BTS’ promotion schedule and stay tuned for more teasers until the full release!