4 Times When Celebrities Were Broken Down In Tears Because Of BTS

4 Times When Celebrities Were Broken Down In Tears Because Of BTS

Number 2 was an emotional moment for the members as well.

Throughout the years, there are many moments where celebrities were moved to tears by BTS, whether it be because of their powerful speeches or their performances, accomplishments,...etc. Here’s a list of 4 times when celebrities were moved to tears by BTS.

1. Actress Kim Jung Nan being moved by Jungkook’s passion of performance

In an episode of Radio Star, actress Kim Jung Nan revealed that she’s a huge fan of BTS. The hosts of the show did some digging and found that she once cried because of Jungkook.

Kim Jung Nan then said that she once went to one of BTS’s concerts. However, Jungkook was unable to dance because of an injury.

Kim Jung Nan then saw Jungkook crying on stage because he can not dance, and this caused her to cry, as she saw how badly Jungkook wanted to perform on stage.

2. Park Jihoon crying due to BTS’s speech

When BTS won “Artist of the Year” at the 2018 MAMA, they gave an extremely emotional speech. During the speech, Jin shared that they considered disbanding because of the stress they were under. After Jin revealed this, a lot of the members started to move to tears.

We had a hard time mentally during the beginning of this year. While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.

— Jin

However, the members were able to regather their will and passion, they decided to continue as a group.

But we regather our hearts, and I’m glad that we were able to produce such a great result.

— Jin

This speech touched the hearts of a lot of artists, especially Park Jihoon. While listening to BTS’s speech, Park Jihoon was seen getting emotional and moving to tears.

3. Actor Randall Park being moved at BTS’s concert

When actor Randall Park went with his wife to a BTS concert, he ended up crying during it.

The actor revealed that he was incredibly moved by how much recognition BTS was receiving and how people of different races and ages were singing along to these Korean artists.

I get there—The Rose Bowl—90,000 people packed. All different races, all different ages singing along to these Korean musicians and dancers.

— Randall Park

4. Bang Si Hyuk “crying” when BTS topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 2 straight weeks with “Dynamite”

BTS shares a special relationship with Bang Si Hyuk, the head of Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’s agency). When BTS topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two straight weeks with their song “Dynamite, they decided to give a call to Bang Si Hyuk, who got quite emotional during the call. The members even joked that they thought he was crying.

Bang Si Hyuk was extremely proud of the members and told them, “You don’t know how incredible this is. That’s the kind of group you are. This just defies belief.”

The phone call concluded with Bang Si Hyuk telling BTS that he loved them, and BTS said that they loved him too.

According to the editors, Bang Si Hyuk claims that he didn’t cry, but some may be reluctant to believe this!