The Kpop Music Videos With the Most Views In 2020 Revealed By Kpop Radar

The Kpop Music Videos With the Most Views In 2020 Revealed By Kpop Radar

On Wednesday, Dec. 16, K-Pop Radar published their "K-Pop Radar 2020 Year-End Data". There, they revealed the top three music videos that were released this year with the most views. Keep on reading to see which music videos are on the list.

K-Pop Radar judges by data from numerous fandoms and determines the size of a K-pop artist's fandom and the rise (and sometimes, the fall too) of their popularity in the current social media era. They take into account the number of followers an artist or group gains per day and tallying the number of real-time music video views. Among the number of artists, idols, and groups, K-Pop Radar announces who gets included in the list. The data they analyzed for their year-end data is collected from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, or a total of 11 months worth of data. Now let's come to the list.

The third most viewed music video this year is BLACKPINK for "Ice Cream (co-operate with Selena Gomez)". The music video currently has over 438 million views. Within the first 24 hours of its release, the music video garnered over 79.08 million views, making it the third biggest 24-hour debut on YouTube. It became their second personal best, following their music video for "How You Like That". The music video for "Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)" debuted at number one on the Global YouTube Music Videos Chart.

The second most viewed music video this year is BTS for "Dynamite", which currently has 692 million views. The music video became the fastest YouTube video to reach 10 million views, achieving this only 20 minutes after it dropped. It subsequently went on to become the most viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours, garnered 101.1 million views, and smashed three Guinness World Records. They still hold this record to this day. In just four days, the music video for "Dynamite" is the fastest music to surpass the 200 million mark, achieving so in four days and twelve after. It also became the fastest music video to surpass 400 million views, doing so 35 days after its release.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for! The most viewed music video this year is BLACKPINK for "How You Like That" with 693 million views! The music video at the time broke the record for the most-watched premiere and previously held the record for the most views within the first 24 hours of its release, garnering 86.3 million views. It was, at the time, also the fastest music video to achieve 100 million, 200 million, and 600 million views. BTS now holds these records for "Dynamite". The music video for "How You Like That" became one of the most-liked videos on YouTube, with over 18 million likes.

K-Pop Radar was started in Aug. 2019 by the music company Space Oddity. They produced a fandom data observatory. K-Pop Radar provides unbiased data by analyzing a group or an artists' fandom size, growth, accomplishments, and milestones across social media. It is the first and only dashboard that shows data concerning K-pop fandoms that are refreshed every day and can be easily looked into at a glance.

They have three step-process to do this: Observe, Analyze, and Easy & Fun. With the technology they created called Blip, they detect and record the growth of a K-pop artist's random data. Through their observation, they predict and public special cases in a brief. After, they analyze through practical case analysis, looking into internal factors that caused their growth. They then find ways to do fun activities. K-Pop Radar's goal is to eliminate the gap for people who want more access to their favorite artists.

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