First Full Line-up of Original BLACKPINK: Where Are The Rest Now?

First Full Line-up of Original BLACKPINK: Where Are The Rest Now?

Where are the old days when BLACKPINK and teammates were trainees under YG for Pink Punk project? Now each person's fat...

Where are the old days when BLACKPINK and teammates were trainees under YG for Pink Punk project? Now each person's fate has a different direction.


If you regularly follow YG Entertainment artists, you probably know that this company has cherished a plan to launch a 9-member girl group called Pink Punk. However, this project failed, then YG decided to form BLACKPINK in 2016.

Recently, netizens have "dug" the rare photos of 7 trainees present in the Pink Punk project. Their fates are also noticeable because they were always teammates who practiced together to wait for their debut, but now each girl has her own path.


After Pink Punk could not debut as planned, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa remained in YG and were selected as members of BLACKPINK. They debuted in 2016 and after 4 years have achieved countless remarkable achievements, becoming the top girl group in Kpop.


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In addition to BLACKPINK, the other 3 people in the photo have all left YG. Miyeon left the company in 2015 and transferred to CUBE Entertainment as an intern. There are many rumors surrounding the reason why the female idol left, but she still successfully debuted as the main vocalist of (G) I-DLE in 2018.


Right now (G) I-DLE is considered a rising girl group. Miyeon is also becoming more and more famous for her outstanding visuals and formidable singing abilities.


Jinny is the youngest in the 7-person photo. She was born in 1998 and practiced for 5 years at YG, then she went to the survival show Produce 48. However, Jinny did not have the expected performance and had to stop at No.69.


After being eliminated from Produce 48, Jinny signed with Vine Entertainment and debuted in the group Secret Number through the MV "Who Dis?" (released in May 2020). In the group, she takes on the role of main rapper.

The newly debuted Secret Number has attracted attention because it is a rookie from a small company but has a huge amount of MV and stage views. However, this group has had a lot of problems such as a member spreads bad words about Jennie, who was accused of b.u.l.l.y.i.n.g classmates in the past, ...

Jang Hanna is the only one out of the 7 trainees to choose to debut solo. She left YG in 2017, but until 2020, she officially debuted with the single RUNAWAY. Many people expressed regret that Jang Hanna could not be a part of BLACKPINK or had the opportunity to join YG's new girl group even though she was a famous trainee.


Jang Hanna appeared at the survival show Mix & Match, collaborating with Jinusean on the single Tell Me (One More Time) (2015).

She also released her own solo single called Runaway under Seoul Music.

The old photos of 7 YG trainees made netizens extremely excited. Many people believe that from that time, BLACKPINK has had outstanding beauty and temperament, while there is an opinion that this lineup is guaranteed to make a big splash if it is released.

However, fate has left 7 girls in different directions, BLACKPINK is now very successful and the rest are also doing well in the role they pursue.