It’s been a while, but the main rapper Jennie is more inferior than Lisa when the lead rapper is the one who is judged to perform better.


Although in BLACKPINK clearly divides the main rapper and lead rapper, but with the skill and arrangement of both singing lines and rap lines “like no”, the positions of Lisa and Jennie are sometimes difficult to discern. Not to mention, both of them possess their own outstanding characteristics, each time they match the sword together, they bring extremely catchy rap, creating an attractive point for BLACKPINK’s songs.


However, during this comeback period of BLACKPINK with their debut album The Album, main rapper Jennie suffered a worse scene than Lisa, when the lead rapper was considered to have a better performance.


Recently, one of the producers of the song Love To Hate Me, Tushar Apte, has shown a clearer love towards BLACKPINK’s lead rapper. This producer did not hesitate to give good compliments for her performance in this collaboration.


“Lisa rap part is so, so good. I mean, when I first heard the song back with the vocals on it, I thought “Wow, this rap part is CRAZY, maybe the best rap of the album” – the rapper shared.


Let’s listen to “Love to hate me” song and the rap part that Tushar praised the Thai girl.

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