The first 8 months of 2020 have welcomed some remarkable K-Pop rookie boy groups such as TREASURE, CRAVITY… But the remaining months are expected to bring even more.

Many entertainment companies have planned to debut new boy groups by the end of the year. And these boy groups are getting a lot of attentions as their members include familiar faces known to the audience through Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ as well as other survival shows.

OUI Entertainment


In July, OUI Entertainment confirmed that they will be releasing a boy group called WEi, consisting of a total of 6 members. In particular, all 6 of the boys are familiar faces who participated in famous survival shows, some of which were also active in project groups. They are:

  • Jang Daehyeon (83th place in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, former member of RAINZ)
  • Kim Donghan (29th place in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, former member of JBJ)
  • Yoo Yongha (6th place in ‘Under 19’, former member of 1THE9)
  • Kim Yohan (1st place in ‘Produce X 101’, former member of X1)
  • Kang Seokhwa (35th place in ‘Produce X 101’, participated in ‘YG Treasure Box’, former trainee at YG and JYP)
  • Kim Junseo (9th place in ‘Under 19’, former member of 1THE9)

FNC Entertainment


At the end of August, FNC revealed that they will debut a new boy group through a project combining K-Pop and K-Movie titled ‘P1H: Beginning of a New World‘. FNC Entertainment’s new boy group, with a total of 6 members, will debut under the name P1Harmony. The individual teaser photos for all 6 members Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob have been unveiled not long ago.

Maroo Entertainment


With the goal of debuting this September, Maroo Entertainment’s new boy group called GHOST9 is gradually revealing its official lineup through interesting pictures and teaser videos. GHOST9 has a total of 9 members born from 1999 to 2004, including 3 familiar faces who contested in’Produce X 101′, Lee Jinwoo (22nd place), Lee Woojin (41st place) and Lee Taeseung (53rd place) – who earlier debuted in the sub-unit TEEN TEEN.

Woollim Entertainment

Most recently, Woollim Entertainment shared that their new boy group will debut this October. The boy group will be named DRIPPIN and consists of 7 members. 6 of them are familiar faces who all appeared on ‘Produce X 101’: Cha Junho (9th place, former member of X1); Hwang Yunseong (15th place); Kim Dongyun (23rd place); Lee Hyeop (24th place); Joo Changuk (29th place) and Kim Minseo (52nd place). The final member to debut in DRIPPIN has yet to be revealed.


Yuehua Entertainment

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it is reported that Yuehua Entertainment will also debut a new boy group this year, which is expected to consist of 9 members. One of the members is said to be Ahn Hyeongseop, the trainee who finished at 16th place in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’. Ahn Hyeongseop and his fellow trainee Lee Euiwoong once debuted as the duo Hyeongseop X Euiwoong in 2017. It is unclear whether Lee Euiwoong will be a part of Yuehua’s new boy group.


MBK Entertainment

Since last year, MBK Entertainment has been preparing to debut their new boy group. MBK’s upcoming boy group is expected to include 8 members, and the first two were confirmed to be ae Nam Dohyon (8th place in ‘Produce X 101’, former member of X1) and Lee Hangyul (7th place in ‘Produce X 101’, former member of X1). Nam Dohyon and Lee Hangyul previously debuted in the duo H&D. On September 23, H&D will release their last special album before the two members debut once again in MBK’s new boy group.



Not long ago, Big Hit Entertainment’s plans for a new group debut were announced. Accordingly, BELIFT LAB (a joint venture between Big Hit and CJ ENM) will launch a new group this year. Many believe that BELIFT LAB’s upcoming group will consist of the winners of the ongoing reality show ‘I-LAND’. Currently, ‘I-LAND‘ has entered its 2nd part and will finish on August 28. The boy group coming out of ‘I-LAND’ will include a total of 7 members.


Which boy groups do you look forward to the most?