K-Pop duo H&D (comprised of former X1 members Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon) is making their comeback with a special album which will be released on September 23.


H&D posted a jacket photo on their official SNS account and announced a surprise comeback, fueling fans’ curiosity on September 3.

The duo released their first mini album ‘SOULMATE’ on April 21 and are now making a comeback with Nam Do Hyon’s own song after about five months. In particular, H&D’s upcoming album will come with photo books showing various colors of the two, and is expected to be a special gift for fans.

Attention is focusing on how Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon, who have been active in the music industry as artists with excellent visuals and solid skills, will be able to come back to heat up the K-Pop scene once again. H&D is also known to be preparing to re-debut as members of a new boy group under PocketDol Studio, heralding a new sensation for the next generation of boy groups.