FNC Entertainment will produce a movie titled ‘P1H: Beginning of a New World’ to introduce their new boy group.


“‘P1H: Beginning of a New World’, the film about the new boy group set to debut this fall, will be released in October,” FNC Entertainment said in an official statement.

The movie tell the story of 6 boys in their journey to find the star of hope to save the Earth, which is devastated by a virus that maximizes anger and violence.

Based on the legend of Alkaid, the star of hope that sits in the east of the Big Dipper, and Alcor, a star that shines faintly next to the Big Dipper, the film dramatizes the growth of the boys through frustration and hope. The film is directed by director Chang, who produced dramas ‘Canola’, ‘The Target’, and ‘Death Bell’.┬áIt features the six members of the boy group, with Jung Jin Young and CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa.


“K-Pop artists are loved by people all over the world for their differences in musical outlook, and I think our story is the same as a Korean film that has been recognized by movie fans around the world,” said director Chang. “I wanted to make a unique attempt to combine the two genres that are the pride of Korean culture, using the film’s narrative for a new musical group’s debut.”

The boy group’s first album, which will be released this fall, is also based on a worldview that is in line with the story of “‘P1H: Beginning of a New World’, and expectations are high that it will include this worldview and philosophy in all the musical activities that follow their debut album.