Maroo Entertainment has decided to name their new nine-member boy group ‘GHOST9’.

Maroo Entertainment opened a new official SNS account for the boys at midnight on September 1 and released the group’s logo motion video for the first time, signaling a full-fledged debut.

In the released video, a warning message appears in a dark room as the turned-off television turns on. Then, ghost characters appear on the logo of ‘GHOST9’ along with claw marks scratching the warning messages, drawing attention.


‘GHOST9’ is a nine-member new boy group ambitiously put forward by Maroo Entertainment, with nine adventurous boys eager to convey their consolation and hope to friends around the world.

The members of ‘GHOST9’ (Ghost Nine), who are 18 years old on average, received intensive training in a systematic program through their three-year trainee life. They are composed of the best trainees with various talents such as vocal, rap and performance as well as visuals.

In addition, the group has already garnered keen attention from global fans as they released a cover dance video on Maroo Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. They are set to debut in September.