Are you one of those who contributed a lot of views to BTS ‘Dynamite’s record as most-viewed video in the first 24 hours on YouTube?

On August 23, YouTube and Big Hit confirmed that BTS‘ ‘Dynamite’ MV recorded 101.1 million views after just 1 day. This means that BTS is now the owner of the MV with the most views and most likes on YouTube in the first 24 hours after its release. Previously, this MV also recorded 10 million views after just 20 minutes, the fastest record for an MV in YouTube’s history.

Initially, the group’s fandom ARMY set a target of reaching 100 million views after the first 24 hours, but everything was uncertain because when the first day ended, the view count displayed was only 98.3 million. In the end, however, it was YouTube who confirmed that the correct number was 101.1 million views, exceeding the fandom’s expectation, making many fans feel touched.

In order for BTS to achieve the achievement, the group must have received the support and love of the fandom and the public around the world. Recently, the list of 10 countries which contributed the most views to ‘Dynamite’ in the first 24 hours was announced. This is a statistic based on data from YouTube Charts, and the rankings will probably surprise many people.


They are:

No.10: JAPAN – 3,700,686 views

No.9: THAILAND – 4,484,075 views

No.8: BRAZIL – 5,377,421 views

No.7: MEXICO – 5,858,447 view

No.6: KOREA – 6,591,328 views

No.5: PHILIPPINES – 7,103,106 views

No.4: INDONESIA – 8,201,889 views

No.3: INDIA – 8,625,628 views

No.2: VIETNAM – 10,110,940 views

No.1: USA – 11,404,307 views


It can be seen that ‘Dynamite‘ received the most support from the public in the US. Big Hit’s goal this time was the American music market, shown by the release time and the full English lyrics, so this is somewhat considered a success for BTS. This is also the first time the US ranks first in the top countries that contribute the most views to BTS’ MVs.

Meanwhile, the boys’ hometown South Korea was at the 6th place. This is not too high or too low a rank. Considering that this is a full English song, this is also a good achievement. In addition, it is a fact that Korean people in general rarely have the habit of increasing YouTube views for K-Pop idols.