Fans hope that the members of BTS will manage to fulfill all of their wishes in the remaining 4 months of 2020.

On August 23, BTS uploaded to the group’s YouTube channel a new video titled “BTS interviewing 7 seconds”, in which the members tried to answer questions in 7 seconds. As part of the interview, the members also shared what they want or plan to do before 2020 ends.



Jin said he wanted to “hold a concert”, but added “if possible”, referring to the fact that direct concerts are nearly impossible this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the globe. In fact, not long ago, BTS announced that they would hold 2 concerts in October, but now fans are worried about whether their plan could go as planned, as South Korea has just had another outbreak.

Within three consecutive days (August 21, 22, 23), the number of new positive cases in South Korea exceeded 300, of which August 23 saw the highest number of new infections since March this year (397 cases). This forced the South Korean government to conduct the second-degree social distancing order, and a series of dramas, music shows… had to halt recording as COVID-19 had crept into the entertainment industry.



Suga said he wanted to “master musical instrumental skills” that he decided to learn. Known as “Min PD”, Suga constantly strives to improve his skills as an artist and producer. When listening to Min PD’s goal in the remaining months of 2020, ARMY are eagerly looking forward to his future masterpieces.



J-Hope affirms that he “wants to study harder” for the remainder of 2020. Although the male idol did not share in detail what he is studying, many ARMY know that J- Hope is a hardworking guy and no matter what he is studying, the main dancer of BTS will definitely work hard and succeed.



RM said he wants to “see the sea” before 2020 ends. Just like Jin’s wishes, RM’s dream sounded very simple but is extremely difficult to fulfill at the moment. The government is asking people to stay home, and as it has been raining often in South Korea, going to the beach has suddenly become an impossible thing.



Jimin immediately said that he wanted to “perform at least one more time” before 2020 ends, and he also wants to “focus on perfecting the album” that the group will release in the near future. Knowing how heartbroken Jimin was when his previous tour was canceled, the ARMY community is hoping that he will soon be able to stand on a large concert stage with the live cheers of many fans.



V said he wants to try “releasing a mixtape” before the end of 2020. As there are only about 4 months left before 2020 ends, ARMY is currently anxiously wondering when they will be served with a V’s mixtape.



Jungkook said that he wants to “try talking with foreigners” before 2020 ends. Earlier, also in this interview, Jungkook mentioned that one of his hobbies recently is “learning English”, so this desire must also be derived from the maknae’s hobby. With BTS’s international popularity, especially when they just released their English song ‘Dynamite‘, fans hope that Jungkook will have more opportunities to chat with foreigners as he wishes.