Actor Sung Joon will be having his wedding ceremony on September 12 with his non-celebrity spouse who he legally get married to before enlistment.


According to a report by SpotvNews on August 12, Sung Joon will hold his wedding somewhere in Seoul on September 12. In consideration of the non-celebrity bride, the event will be held privately, inviting only parents from both families, relatives and close acquaintances.

Before joining the army in December 2018, Sung Joon promised to marry his girlfriend, and after completing his military duty, he tried to prepare for the wedding. However, as a child was born, they decided to register their marriage first.

In February, Sung Joon also reported that he held the second child in his arms while serving in the military. Sung Joon, who served on active duty for about a year, confessed that he decided to replace the remaining military service time with full-time reserve forces due to his responsibility for his wife and child, and that the wedding ceremony was not held due to circumstances.

At the time, Sung Joon said in a handwritten letter, “The legal procedures related to my marriage should be carried out as soon as possible, but the wedding ceremony, which required direct greetings from many people, could not be carried out.” As promised, Sung has been preparing for the wedding step by step since his discharge from the military on April 27, and will finally do it on September 12.

Sung Joon, a model turned actor who made his debut with KBS’ drama Special ‘White Christmas’ in 2011, has since been loved for appearing in various works such as ‘Gu Family Book’, ‘I Need Romance 3’, ‘Discovery of Love’, ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’, ‘High Society’, ‘Ms. Perfect’ and the movie ‘The Villainess’.