6 Actors And Actresses Who Almost Debuted As K-Pop Idols

6 Actors And Actresses Who Almost Debuted As K-Pop Idols

Among the stars who seem to have a vocation to be actors are those who almost made their debut as members of an idol group.

They are considered to be "all-round entertainers" in the entertainment industry because they have not only acting but also dancing and singing skills. They gave up their dream of becoming singers, but whether it was their will or they were forced to do that, thanks to it we have them as the star actors and actresses representing the Republic of Korea today.

Let's see who they are!

Park Bo Gum


Having dreamed of becoming a singer while attending church as a child, Park Bo Gum is known to have received passing marks from SM, JYP and YG, the "BIG3" agencies.

However, Park Bo Gum, who later signed with Sidus, was offered to turn into an actor by his agency.


Since his debut, he has drawn attention by performing just as good as an idol at various TV shows and fan meetings.

Kim Min Jae


Kim Min Jae was also a trainee who had been preparing to debut as an idol.

Having an unrivaled rap talent, he also appeared on Mnet's 'Show Me The Money 4'.


In the end, Kim Min Jae, who had been a singer trainee for about 4 years, became interested in acting classes that he happened to take and turned into one of the most loved actors after that.

Kim Min Seok


Kim Min Seok was recently discharged from the military, signaling his return.

In a past interview, he said, "I was originally a singer trainee, not an actor. I had a hard time preparing to be an idol because there was so much to do."


After passing an audition for tvN's 'Flower Band', he turned into an actor and began his acting career in earnest.

Ahn Hyo Seop


While living in Canada, Ahn Hyo Seop received a casting offer from JYP Entertainment and came to South Korea.

Having been an idol trainee for about 3 years, he lived with the members of boy group GOT7.


However, the 'Dr. Romantic 2' star reportedly turned into an actor because he felt that he lacked his skills during practice.

Shin Ye Eun


Rising star Shin Ye Eun, who started with the web drama 'A-TEEN' and dominated the TV screen since then, was a former idol trainee at JYP Entertainment, one of the top three K-Pop agencies.


Shin Ye Eun showed off her exceptional dance and singing skills on various TV shows, just like a singer trainee.

Lee Joo Bin


Lee Joo Bin, who drew attention for her flawless visuals, also came from an idol trainee.

She is known to have been a trainee with the members of girl group RAINBOW.


Lee Joo Bin's trainee life was about 4 years.