Guitarist Lim Hyun Jae from boy band HYUKOH tied the knot with his girlfriends of 8 years on May 17. IU and Oh Hyuk performed congratulatory songs at the wedding.


According to multiple officials on May 17, Lim Hyun Jae held an outdoor wedding ceremony at Yongsan Family Park in Seoul. Only family members and fellow musicians as well as other acquaintances were invited to the event, and they reportedly sent a lot of congratulations.

The bride is a non-celebrity, and has been dating Lim Hyun Kae for about 8 years. Earlier, in March, the guitarist was on MBC’s entertainment program ‘Hangout with Yoo’ and said he was about to get married. At that time, Lim Hyun Jae expressed his affection for his girlfriend, saying, “She has been my friend since we were middle school students, but we started dating when we was 20.”

IU and Oh Hyuk

In particular, IU also attened the wedding ceremony, where she sang ‘Meaning of You’ , and Oh Hyuk, a vocalist from HYUKOH, presented a series of songs.


Lim Hyun Jae then posted a brief note saying “Thank you” and a polaroid photo taken with the bride on his SNS after the wedding. In response, many fans are congratulating and cheering for him and his wife.