These Idols Were Called "Talentless" But Turned Out Super Talented

These Idols Were Called "Talentless" But Turned Out Super Talented

A group is a combination of different members with specific individual talents that when they're together, the group wi...

A group is a combination of different members with specific individual talents that when they're together, the group will become confident and powerful. However, some idols were once called talentless idols and didn't deserve to debut besides others. As time passes, that couldn't be anything than just a failed accusation.

1. Red Velvet's Yeri

Yeri became the last member added to Red Velvet after the girl group's debut, and she received lots of backlash from fans. She was slammed for almost everything she does, from dancing, singing, rapping, or even standing in the group. Fans didn't hesitate to give proofs for her abilities and went on calling Yeri as the talentless member for a long time.


However, the little girl has proven herself to be an amazing song-writing and lyricist, writing, and producing music for not just Red Velvet but for others as well since 2017. Yeri even has her own talk show called "Yeri's Room".

2. (G)-Idle's Shuhua

Shuhua has been called "talentless" ever since her debut, with people slamming her for her vocal abilities, apparent lack of stage presence, and even her appearance. Since she is a foreigner and still learning Korean, Shuhua is often given fewer lines compared to other members and because of that, netizens have more reasons to criticize her as an idol.


However the girl has tried so hard and improved much in their current songs "Lion" and "Dumdi Dumdi", where she not only showed her dancing abilities but also her soulful singing voice, and outstanding stage presence.

3. Red Velvet's Irene

Leader Irene is famously known for her unreal visual and is one of the most iconic visuals of K-Pop. Because of that, people often underestimate her actual talent and forget that she is a fully 5-year trainee with perfect skills in many aspects.


She was a serious contestant for the position of the main dancer of the group before Seulgi was chosen. Still, Irene takes on the lead dancer role with her incredibly flexible, fluid, and has a good sense of rhythm and musicality.

Irene also has proved her vocal range is just as amazing as her dancing abilities when showcasing her soft and versatility voice on "Lo Siento" besides Super Junior and debuted in the sub-unit with Seulgi with "Monster".

4. BTS's Jin

Jin is known to be in charge of the visual position in the group. At first, he received criticism because he was not a qualified dancer as other members but they seemed to forget that he had signed with Big Hit Entertainment to be an actor, not an idol.


Fast forward to 2020, Jin's improvement is getting more and more noticeable. He knows how to control his breathing and body movement to perfectly follow BTS's complex choreography.

Jin has also worked hard to improve his vocal ability. As he did not naturally have vocal talent, he had to practice hard on his technique to become the vocalist he is today.

5. BLACKPINK's Jisoo

Jisoo has been disregarded as the visual member of the group, which causes people to overlook her talents, for both vocal and dancing.


However, many notice that Jisoo has improved more and more in each comeback. Despite her body proportion which is not suited for dancing: her legs are short, her torso is underdeveloped, and her hands are not big enough to fit the ideal dancer's body, the visual has worked hard to keep up with the increasing difficulty of BLACKPINK's choreography.

Not like other female idol with high-pitched voice, Jisoo has a deep and husky tone in her speaking voice and it also effects her singing voice. That unique feature of her that adds more dimension to the group's songs.

6. TWICE's Sana, Dahyun and Tzuyu

These three TWICE members haven't got praised during their early years. Sana was known as the cute image of the group; Dahyun was known for her sense of humor, and Tzuyu was known as the visual. Fans didn't recognize the girls' talents at all.


However, Sana has proven herself to be one of the group's best dancers, with clean and sharp dance movements. She has also proved herself with a stable singing voice after each comeback. Dahyun has also proved her rapping talent when being the sole rap line to rap in "Feel Special." For Tzuyu, she has become a much stronger vocalist and can be seen by the fast she is given more difficult lines with each new release. Tzuyu, the lead dancer of the group, has proven that she is an amazing dancer despite her long limbs, often going the extra mile to make sure the whole-view of the performance is balanced and harmonious.

7. ITZY's Lia

Since ITZY's debut, Lia has received criticism with the accusation of a "lazy" member because her vocal ability wasn't matched with the main vocal's standards and her dance abilities were lacking in comparison to the members. However, her voice is naturally of a lower register, which means she had to train extra hard to pull off the higher-range songs of ITZY.


In "Letters to MIDZY," Lia revealed that though she is trying her best, she is naturally not a good dancer, which has taken a toll on her self-confidence. Despite that, the idol keeps on practicing, practicing until she is shaking from exhaustion, all for the sake of the performance. Fans have seen her grow with each and every comeback in the latest comeback of ITZY with "Not Shy", she is able to keep up with every choreography proves that her dance skills are constantly improving.