Jisoo expresses colorful beauty moments as Dior Beauty' muse

Jisoo expresses colorful beauty moments as Dior Beauty' muse

Recently, Jisoo participated in a photoshoot for Marie Claire magazine and showed off her stunning - colorful beauty mo...

Recently, Jisoo participated in a photoshoot for Marie Claire magazine and showed off her stunning - colorful beauty moments through the interview.


In the interview that followed, the idol talked about BLACKPINK’s busy schedule with future projects. In June, BLACKPINK became the female artist with the most subscribers on YouTube, and Jisoo shared that she felt proud and happy to receive the title. The girl group also recently became the fourth most-subscribed artist in the world. After these good results that her group has received after 4 years since their debut, Jisoo has shared her feelings, showed off Blackpink's herself on her strength, the collaboration with Selena Gomez, and more.


Here is the full interview of Jisoo:

How was the shoot today? Time went by faster than I thought. It was fun.(laughs)

Beauty pictorial shoots are very different from other shoots, right? It takes a long time to change the style, but it's fun to see the results. You can try different styles of stage styling. I saw the picture we took today on the monitor earlier, and I think the result of this shoot will be satisfactory.(laughs)


I know you're busy these days. Although our single album promotion period is over, we have a lot of plans for the second half of this year, so we don't have time Preparations for the next project begin before one project is finished. But I'm having fun.

How was it working with Selena Gomez? I couldn't meet her in person and work on it. We coordinated the time and communicated with each other several times to complete. Even though she is already a great star in the world, I thought she was cool and cool when I saw her sharing opinions.

I saw the news that BLACKPINK's YouTube channel has topped the list of female artists around the world. How do you feel? I feel good when I think a lot of people are paying attention to me.(laughs) I feel proud and I feel a sense of duty to do better. I'm most grateful and happy.


The number of subscribers means influence. Personally, what kind of influence do you want to have on your fans? I want someone to gain confidence by looking at me. I hope you think, "I can do it too," and "I want to find something of my own." I'm not saying to imitate me vaguely. Everyone has different charms, and there's no point in just copying them. I want you to look at me and find your own identity.

Is Ji Soo a talented person or a hard worker? Um... can I say "born hard worker"?

I like it, that sounds good. I tend to work hard on everything, but the process of trying isn't that hard. That's why I was born. And I'm not afraid of everything. I'm not afraid to challenge something new or listen to other people's opinions. I don't necessarily mean that I have thin ears, but I listen to praise or criticism.


So, what does it mean when someone says, "Jisoo"? Positive? Well... I think I'm more outspoken than positive. I think hard enough and judge carefully when I make a decision, but once I make a decision, I don't look back. I tend not to dwell on the past nor regret it. Should I say that I do my best every time and time? If I make a decision, I will try my best to get the best result when I regret it.

When was the most enjoyable or happy moment recently? Everyday.(laughs) These days, I'm so happy that the four of us are working as a whole group. Four of us were always together when we were on tours, but we were busy these days. When I think about our overseas tour, it was hard at the time, but now I miss it a lot. Everything in the past remains a happy memory. These days, it's fun to play, eat, and talk a lot with the four of us.


Do you have a series that you watch on your day off? I often eat with her these days, but she always watches dramas when she eats. That's why I started watching the drama with her. I've been binge-watching "Goblin". And I'm also watching "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" because Lisa really enjoyed it. Lisa's reaction while watching the drama is the killing point. It's really cute.

It's been more than half a year since I started working as a model for Dior Beauty. Have you had any personal changes during your career? My interest in beauty has grown. I look at Dior's account on Instagram and pay attention to it when a new product comes out. Since I used Dior products a lot after I became a model, I thought that this color would look good on a certain stage and that I should apply this color someday. They say your arms are bent inside.


Dior is kind of special. What does the Dior beauty model mean to you? That's right. Dior's brand itself is cool. And my favorite actor is Natalie Portman. It's a great honor to work as a model for the same brand as my favorite actor. And I think I'm gaining confidence. I think the fact that I'm Dior Beauty's face has a positive effect on me.

Which look do you like best today? A look with red lips! The makeup and hairstyle were all perfect. And Red is Dior's signature. It's not easy to look good with red lips, but Dior's #999 Bloom color matches me very well. I think it's perfect for a chic and bold look that doesn't look too much.


What's your schedule after work today? I think I'll go record after work. After the release of this special single, I'm preparing for a full-length album, so I'm living my recording life these days. Please look forward to it.(laughs)