Deadpool Will Officially 'Meet' The Avengers

Deadpool Will Officially 'Meet' The Avengers
Source: Deadpool Will Officially Meet The Avengers

The very bad guy Deadpool will officially join the Marvel association in part 3, along with the film labeled R only for mature audiences.

Despite experiencing a quiet 2020 year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) promises to explode in the coming years as successive big blockbusters are coming out. Notably, the extreme superhero Deadpool also officially joined after the merger of Fox into Disney.

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In a new interview with Collider, Marvel Cinematic Universe President Kevin Feige revealed hot information that Deadpool 3 is being produced, and Ryan Reynolds star himself is also reviewing the film script. Notably, this time Deadpool will have the opportunity to merge with the Avengers team as well as other legendary Marvel characters, not just around the X-Men as before.

In addition, he shared information about the filming time of the movie. Deadpool 3 won't be filmed this year, and Marvel is likely looking to further develop this adult-style action-comedy franchise in its own right. Thus, it looks like it will be a long time until the audience can enjoy Deadpool 3. In the coming week, Marvel will make a big comeback with the long-touted television blockbuster called WandaVision - a separate movie. about the charming witch Wanda and her hero husband Vision, who was dealt with by Thanos. Currently, this film is also receiving a lot of praise from experts and audiences are eager to wait until January 15 to officially watch the movie.