'Princess Aurora' Elle Fanning makes netizens appease

'Princess Aurora' Elle Fanning makes netizens appease

"Princess Aurora" Elle Fanning, every time she appears in public, brings a gentle, charming and luxurious beauty.



Elle Fanning was known as the prestigious princess of Hollywood. Thanks to the role of Princess Aurora in Maleficent, she became a new beauty icon of the showbiz world. On her red carpet appearances, she has become an angel in the eyes of millions of fans.


Recently, pictures from an old Elle event suddenly became hot again. Wearing the crown made of tiny flowers, wearing a deep white dress showing off her charming mounds, Elle Fanning made fans "heartbroken" by her sweet beauty, true standard of Disney Princess.


Elle Fanning's charisma is "no joke". She proves that she owns the true Disney princess figure and charisma. Flip back to pictures from this event to see, how beautiful Elle is. From her face to her smile, she was glowing with life, Princess Aurora was beautiful to every millimeter.


Elle Fanning was born in 1998, has an impressive height of 1m75, has an angelic beauty with blue eyes and natural shiny blond hair. With four bloodlines from England, France, Germany and Ireland, the beauty of Hollwood has received countless love and admiration from millions of fans around the world.


Recently, she also became the face of the cover of Vanity Fair, continuing to cause storms by sexy visuals and immense aura.