Keanu Reeves calls for fundraising to print his comics

Keanu Reeves calls for fundraising to print his comics

After less than two days, the debut comic book of Keanu Reeves received an amount of support six times larger than the original goal.

According to Unilad, Keanu Reeves and his colleagues organized fundraising for the BRZRKR comic book on Kickstarter from September 1 with an initial target of $ 50,000.


After less than two days, the proceeds reached nearly $340,000. Publisher Boom! The studio promises to release both high-end versions, alongside the regular version, for the series.

BRZRKR is the first comic book series Reeves has participated in. The series is scheduled to last 12 episodes, with the content revolving around an immortal warrior living through the ages. Character creation based on the Hollywood actor.


Actor John Wick plays a co-authoring role with Matt Kindt. Alessandro Vitti is in charge of illustrating, Bill Crabtree is in charge of coloring, and Clem Robins is typesetting.

According to the plot summary, the main character named Berzerker is immortal when subjected to a curse. He has been wandering around the world for centuries.


The story begins when Berzerker accepts to work for the US government against dangerous forces. In return, he has a chance to learn the nature of immortality, and how to put an end to it.

According to Boom! Studio, the regular version BRZRKR is expected to cost $50, while the high-end version with many items can be up to $2,499.

The first volume of the series is scheduled to hit shelves in October.