Keanu Reeves revealed that he always wished to have the opportunity to take on the role of Wolverine on the big screen.


At the age of 55, Keanu Reeves is currently the brightest star of two film franchises The Matrix and John Wick. When he joined the Radio Andy program on SiriusXM radio with his co-star Alex Winter in the Bill & Ted series, the actor revealed that his desire was to transform into mutant Wolverine.

When the show’s host Andy Cohen asked about the desired role, Keanu Reeves immediately replied, “I’ve always wanted to play Wolverine.” Alex Winter then continued: “There is still time. It is not too late for Keanu to accept the role of Wolverine”.


However, Reeves just shook his head and replied: “It’s too late. I have to accept that fact”. Wolverine’s role on the big screen has been associated with the name Hugh Jackman since X-Men (2000) and through the post-story and extra-story parts of the mutant film franchise. In 2017, the Australian actor parted ways with the character Logan.

On The Tonight Show, Hugh Jackman once shared about the audition for Logan / Wolverine. “I auditioned and I’m pretty sure I’ll fail,” he said.


Before that, actor Dougray Scott was targeted for the role of Wolverine. However, due to blockbuster Mission: Impossible II (2000) filmed longer than expected, he did not have a chance to be in the X-Men.

Hugh Jackman is in fact just the backup name for Dougray Scott. “I think the entire audition should be about 20 seconds long,” recalled the actor. However, Jackman eventually seized the opportunity and turned this into a career turning point.