Some actors are just like wine, because they age fine! The older they get, the more handsome they become.

So who are these handsome Hollywood actors that just like wine? Check this out now.

Liam Neeson


Liam Neeson is a rare example of being perfectly fit for old-aged roles. The Taken star has the facial figures that are more outstanding when he gets older, especially when compared with his old photos.

George Clooney


George Clooney has always been an iconic Hollywood actors when speaking of acting skills as well as his face. However, between the 20-year-old George and the 60-year-old version, it’s totally understandable if women would go wild over the classy outlook of him as an older age.

Ryan Gosling


Honestly, Ryan Gosling hasn’t been “unattractive” for once but when the Canadian actor gets older, his features are becoming more outstanding and charming as secret weapons.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Doctor Strange used to look so naive and nerdy when he was young, which is complety opposite of his familiar image that he portrayed on screen at the present.

James McAvoy


James McAvoy at the age of 18 was different with him at present, although his figures didn’t change much.

Cillian Murphy


The actor doesn’t look so different from his young version, but time has added some dust and heat of life, which made him more attractive now.

Mads Mikkelsen


It is not hard for fans to choose between Mads Mikkelsen of 20 years ago and Mads of the present time. Time is truly a wine yeast that made the actor more alluring.

Matthew McConaughey


Bafore becoming the 5-year-old gentleman of classy, Matthew McConaughey used to have the dorky hairstyle and a funny mustache.

Bradley Cooper


It’s not hard to spot the impressive change of Bradley Cooper years by years. Indeed, the U50 actor has completely “knocked out” the young Bradley.

Collin Farrell


Collin Farrell at 24 and Collin Farrell at 43 are like two different versions. Time did a very good job to enhance his facial features.